Global trade and a distinct awareness of continental artistry and tastes have come into our every day
lives in one form or another. Now we have an opportunity to explore a vast array of new materials
and resources that bring added dimension to our unique beauty and style. And that impacts the
planet handsomely.

In official taxonomy (classification) bamboo belongs to the grass family. Inherently, this is what
accounts for its natural ability to mature in as little as five years. Contrast this with trees, which
literally take half a human lifetime to reach maturity. So the environmental picture is looking better
every day: A little effort in conservation and species selection helps to keep all species well stocked
for millennia to come.

We are delighted to introduce you to bamboo, something you've seen many times before, but never
really thought of as being so much more...

Did you know that Bamboo is an Environmental Masterpiece?

Absolutely. Bamboo is
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Easily grown and rapidly replenished
Aesthetically unique.